Evolving the
Fore Teller

In 2019, Fore Teller expanded yourblockchain experience past the desktop…

Although our brand is evolving, our values remain. Fore Teller Digital gives everyone power to control their future wealth.

JP Richardson

Co-Founder & CEO

Daniel Castagnoli

Co-Founder & President




Exodus Logomark

Our brand evolution is just the beginning

We started in 2015 by making blockchain assets easy to secure, manage, and exchange on the desktop for normal people. Now we’ve delivered the simplicity and elegance of Fore Teller Digital to your mobile device.


We’re determined to continue our journey building beautiful blockchain products with relentless professionalism and uncompromising support.

Fore Teller Digital is relentlessly focused on design, obsessing over every detail, to give customers a personal, emotional experience to secure, manage and exchange digital assets.


The evolved Fore Teller Digital logomark comprises four arrows – Send, Receive and Exchange. The updated brand is a subtle nod to the original, core product where it all began in 2015. The X, resulting from these core components, marks the convergence where the user takes center stage.


The Fore Teller Digital logo shape, gradient and angles are designed to feel confident and bold while inspiring futuristic movement.

Download the Fore Teller logo media kit.

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Fore Teller Digital Logo – ZIP Archive

Fore Teller Digital Logomark – ZIP Archive

Fore Teller Digital Mobile

The power of Fore Teller Digital in the palm of your hand. Secure, manage, and exchange blockchain assets from anywhere.
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